11 July 2024

Social media was buzzing this morning over the clash between Thai and Filipino transgenders in Sukhumvit Soi 11 last night. The incident was given various names, such as ‘Battle of Angels’ and ‘Kratoey Thais go to war’.

‘Kratoey’ refers to some members of the LGBTQ+ community in Thai culture.

The confrontation between Thais and their Filipino counterparts, which began on Monday night and continued through to early this morning, was streamed live on many social media platforms, capturing the attention of many viewers.

The incident began with an exchange of words when two Thai kratoeys encountered a group of their Filipino peers at the mouth of Soi 11.

As seen in a video clip taken at the scene, the Filipinos attempted to provoke the Thais, who ignored them.

Police arrived at the scene and invited them to the police station. No charges were filed and both sides separated.

Another group of 20 Filipinos allegedly assaulted six Thai kratoeys, who were having a meal in the area, resulting in one Thai suffering a cut on the eyebrow. The assault was filmed and streamed by both groups.

Other Thai transgenders, viewing the clips, called through social media for their peers to gather at the scene of the attack, stating their intention to “bring justice back to Thailand”.

Police returned to the scene, but failed in their attempts to disperse the Thais. The gathering was near a hotel where the Filipinos were staying, so the police had to escort them out of the hotel.

At 3pm, police invited representatives from both sides to the police station to settle the conflict. The Thais demanded that the police charge the Filipinos with assault.

This morning, police are investigating the type of visas the Filipinos used to enter Thailand.

Philippine nationals, like those of other ASEAN countries, are allowed to stay in Thailand without a visa for 30 days, but they are not allowed to work without the appropriate visa and work permit.