11 July 2024

All tsunami warnings issued in Japan, following Saturday’s massive volcanic eruption in Tonga, have been lifted.

The final alert which had been in effect for Iwate Prefecture was downgraded to an advisory at 11:20 a.m. local time. The Japan Meteorological Agency lifted all remaining tsunami advisories at 2 P.M. on Sunday local time. Authorities are continuing to urge people to take extra precautions on the beach and out on the sea.

A 1.2-meter tsunami was observed on Amami Ohshima Island late on Saturday. A 1.1-meter wave hit early Sunday in Iwate Prefecture’s Kuji Port. Railway and ferry services in affected areas have been suspended.

Some flights have also been canceled. The country’s Meteorological Agency says tide levels in the country could be affected, but there is no longer any risk of damage from tsunami.