11 July 2024

An urgent investigation has been ordered into a viral video clip depicting a Chinese man wearing a Thai police uniform, accompanied by a Thai man in police training attire opening a car door for him, said police spokesman Archayon Kraithong on Wednesday.

The clip went viral in China, before spreading within the Thai online community. A netizen translated the Chinese dialogue in the clip as: “Dear all, is there anybody who has a chance to wear clothes like me?”

The second man, believed to be a Thai police officer due to his short haircut, opens the car door for the Chinese person, who promptly gets into the vehicle.

While inside, the Chinese man picks up a black cap, emblazoned with ‘Royal Thai Police’. He mentions that he is contemplating doing business in Thailand and is on a mission today.

Archayon told reporters that the investigation will determine where the clip was shot and whether the individual opening the door for the Chinese person is a Thai police officer. “I will wait for the information before determining whether the whole matter is against the law or not,” he said.

In cases where civilians wish to wear a police uniform, as seen in films or television shows, they must seek prior permission, the spokesman emphasised.

Thai netizens did not, however, wait for the police report. Some investigated the clip’s background and found that it was filmed at the Royal Thai Police Club on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road.

Some even claimed that they spoke with a superior of the police officer in the clip and quoted him as claiming that the Chinese man was his friend and the car was his personal vehicle.