11 July 2024

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin wrote on his X account today that Time Magazine came to interview him in the middle of February, seeking to cover political issues since the new prime minister took office, saying that he was to be the main focus of their article.

“The interview was enjoyable, although I anticipated more questions about Thailand’s politics. Instead, they were interested in Thailand’s standpoint, under my leadership, on controversial issues in world politics.”

He reaffirmed to Time Thailand’s commitment to remaining unbiased.

“Time also covered other aspects of me and Thai politics, reflecting the interviewer’s perspectives and viewpoints. I respect their analysis of Thailand’s political landscape.”

The article isn’t a word-by-word transcription of the conversation, but rather an explanation of current events, my thoughts, others’ opinions about me and changes in Thai politics. Overall, I found it to be a beneficial and good read,” he wrote.

The prime minister added that the facts presented in the article were accurate, but that the synthesis of these facts into an article reflected Charlie Campbell’s (the interviewer’s) views and perspectives.