11 July 2024

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) is set to launch the sale of digital lottery tickets through registered lottery dealers on March 17th, to provide buyers with another channel through which to buy lotteries at the controlled price of 80 baht.

GLO Director Lt-Col Nhun Sansanakom said that lottery dealers who have signed contracts with the GLO will be allocated a quota of digital tickets, which can be sold via the GLO’s website, www.glolotteryshop.com, starting on March 17th for the April 1st draw.

He said that the dealers can still sell physical lottery tickets, adding that each dealer can use only one device, a tablet, a smart phone or a smart TV, to log into the GLO’s website via the Pao Tang application.

Lottery buyers must use the Pao Tang app to pay for their preferred digital tickets within the specified time, otherwise the tickets will return to the dealers. Once the tickets are purchased, they are non-transferrable.

Digital lottery tickets have been available since 2022 via the Pao Tang platform. About 23 million such tickets are available for every bi-weekly draw.