11 July 2024

The Government Lottery Office will go ahead with issuing 3-digit lottery tickets in the middle of this year, to draw gamblers away from illegal 3-digit lottery and to solve the chronic lottery overpricing problem.

Initially, one million 3-digit lottery, or N3 tickets will be issued, according to a GLO official, adding that they remain undecided as to whether the lottery tickets will be distributed to new dealers, yet to be appointed, or to existing dealers of digital lottery tickets.

Current lottery dealers have welcomed news of the new lottery product, claiming that it will boost their income, as they dismissed the suggestion that it will encourage more people to gamble, noting that many people are already engaged in underground 3-digit betting anyway.

Lt-Col Noon Sansanakhom, the GLO director, pointed out, however, that even though the office runs digital 6 number, or L6 lotteries, the overpricing problem still remains, especially for tickets bearing attractive of auspicious numbers, which are heavily sought after.

He said that the N3 lottery will be another option for lottery dealers and vendors, as it does not require additional investment

3-digit lottery betting is based on the last three digits of the 6-digit first prize lottery ticket.

The prices of the N3 tickets will range from 20-50 per ticket and may be available from kiosks or vendor’s hand-held machines, said the director.