11 July 2024

Emergency workers, including ten divers and jet ski-riders, scoured the waters off Jomtien Beach in Sattahip district of Chon Buri on Tuesday night, looking for four people who are reported to have gone missing after being seen swimming in the sea.

About 30 emergency workers went to the beach last night, after they received a call from a hotel employee, claiming to have seen 4 people, swimming near a buoy about 200 metres from the shore in front of the Loong Sawai food stall, shortly before they went missing.

The rescuers split into four teams, with ten divers searching under water, seven people scouring the beach, a number on jet skis searching a radius of 500 metres from the buoy and a fourth team conducting enquiries among boat operators in the area.

It is reported that, besides the caller’s claim of seeing the people near the buoy, no one else interviewed by the emergency workers had seen them.

After about three hours of searching, the operations were suspended. An official said that they will resume the search today if anyone comes forward to report that their friends or relatives are missing.