11 July 2024

Foreign visitors, who are treated for COVID-19 in Thailand, and those who are placed under investigation pending COVID-19 test results, will have the right to claim back the medical expenses they actually paid from the state, according to Mr. Poomisak Aranyakasemsook, director-general of the Comptroller Department.


Thais and foreigners, including expatriates, who are covered by the state welfare scheme, can claim medical expenses for the amount that exceeds the limit of the welfare scheme.

The Ministry of Public Health will work out the details of who, among non-Thais, are eligible to claim medical expenses and how much.


Mr. Poomisak said that the Comptroller Department has given the green light to the Public Health Ministry to pay a 1,500 baht risk allowance for each working shift of eight hours and a 1,000 baht meeting allowance to officials tasked with monitoring, investigating, preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19 dating back to January.

Public officials, including nurses, medical scientists and technicians, will be eligible for a risk allowance of 1,000 baht per working shift of eight hours.