11 July 2024

Taiwan’s channel FTV News has introduced an AI character, presenting a 2-minute weather forecast. After six months of continuous development, a fresh and sophisticated virtual presenter finally went on air yesterday (Monday). This innovation is aimed at addressing people’s rapidly changing reading and listening habits, especially with the development of internet based technologies.

Since last year, many countries, including the United States, South Korea and India, have been developing AI TV anchors. In Taiwan, it is the first time that such an AI anchor has appeared on air. The AI presenter detailed the weather conditions in Madrid, Spain and in other major cities around the world.

The AI weather presenter, which is yet to be named, was created using Artificial Intelligence Global Company (AIGC) technology, which allows it to generate photorealistic human images. Furthermore, the virtual presenter has the ability to learn from its past broadcasts, enhancing its manner of speech, pauses, cadence and overall presentation. Additionally, this Taiwanese channel supplies the AI character with a daily news script with which to “practice”, tailored to specific situations.

AI technology’s use in TV broadcasting has, however, highlighted some ethical issues. Taiwan’s government has started cross-ministerial discussions to develop relevant policies, led by the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the National Science Council. If a TV channel uses AI anchors, leading to the dissemination of false information or images without proper fact-checking, Taiwan’s National Communications Commission has the right to step in.


By Franc Han Shih, Thai PBS World