11 July 2024

Fighting between Myanmar government forces and Karenni Army troops is expected to escalate, after the Myanmar military sent three battalions of reinforcements to a border base opposite Mueang district of Thailand’s northernmost province of Mae Hong Son.

A well-informed source in the Karenni Army said that the Myanmar military told about 400 ethnic Karenni, in a village not far from their base in Kaya state, that they will be shot on sight if they attempt to leave their village.

The source claims that, so far, about 10 Karenni villagers have been shot dead by Myanmar troops, as they tried to slip out of the village to escape being caught in the crossfire.

The source said that the Myanmar troop reinforcements have been deployed to protect their base from Karenni rebels.

The source disclosed that Myanmar troops fired several 120mm mortar rounds at suspected rebels, who were spotted near a border outpost. There are no details available of casualties among the rebel force.