11 July 2024

Philippine President Redrigo Duterte has stepped up his attacks against the International Criminal Court (ICC), calling the tribunal “a bunch of criminals” trying to investigate his war on drugs, according to The Manila Times Online.

In his speech before the Asia Pacific Association of Gastroenterology in Cebu Friday night, Duterte said if the allegations of state-sanctioned killings in his drug war were true, then he would have no time to go to the toilet because the killings would “keep me busy 24 hours.”

“You’re all bullshit.  They want to send me to prison and try me for genocide…They’re a bunch of criminals.  Show me how they died, when they died, where?  Nothing,” he said, referring to the ICC.

“They would just say, “Duterte time, 4,000 killed,’ Me killing 4,000?  I won’t even have time to sit for a shit.  It would keep me busy for 24 hours,” he said.

Duterte said John Bolton, the US National Security advisor, was right in calling out the ICC recently.

Bolton said last week that the US would slap sanctions against the ICC judges and prosecutors should the tribunal proceed with an investigation of alleged involvement of American troops in the war crimes in Afghanistan.

In the speech, Duterte accused the ICC of imposing European values on other countries and engaging in “international governing”.

“What is your problem?  Who are you to run my country?  That’s the problem with the European Union.  They are into international governing.  They create an ICC, European community, and they try to impose their values and the way they think how criminals are categorized.  It’s new colonialism,” he said.