Culture Ministry proposes holidays from July 4th to 9th for Songkran celebrations

(Photo by Romeo GACAD / AFP)

Thailand’s Ministry of Culture will propose, to the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), the declaration of special public holidays, from July 4th to 9th, for belated Songkran celebrations, which were postponed from mid-April due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem said today that the period is suitable because July 4th and 5th are a weekend and, since July 5th is the Asalha Puja religious observance day, July 6th can be another holiday.

By declaring the special Songkran holidays, Thai people will have a total of six days off to celebrate the water-splashing festival, said the Minister.

Alternatively, the celebrations could be held at the end of July, when there is a special holiday for the birthday of His Majesty the King, he added.

The Culture Minister added, however, that the issue must be discussed with health officials in the CCSA and the results of the easing of lockdown restrictions in the third phase in June will need to be assessed.



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