11 July 2024

YouTubers from South Korea, who share content via the “Cullen Hateberry” channel about Thailand, are being invited to support the promotion of tourism in Thailand’s national parks.

Atthaphon Charoenchansa, director general of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation department, said that he has approached the YouTube users of the channel, suggesting a joint project to attract Thais and foreigners to visit national parks.

“We have received positive responses from them and, after the New Year holidays, we will sit down to discuss the details,” the director general said, adding that the users said that they would do it for free.

The number of followers of the Cullen Hateberry channel has increased rapidly, reaching 1.22 million, evidently due to their visits to various fascinating locations and their generally attractive appearance.

What has attracted some viewers is seeing them conducting the stream in Thai, with their struggle to speak and understand Thai, which amuses many people.

The main YouTubers are 33-year-old “Cullen”, also known as “Park Kideuk”, who describes himself as a producer of electronic dance music and a model. He has prior experience as a disc jockey at a Korean restaurant in Thailand.

Another key member is “Brother Jung”, 34, who came to Thailand to work and learn the Thai language. The youngest member is “Nong Dan”, aged 25, a marketing student at Assumption University in Thailand. He joins the park visits only occasionally.

Atthaphon said he will contact YouTubers and bloggers from Europe, the UK and the Middle East about working on a similar project.

He mentioned that the first trip prepared for Cullen and the team will be to a new and adventurous location, but he declined to give any more detail.

Cullen Hateberry YouTubers in Suphan Buri province

One of the channel’s fan clubs belongs to Varawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security. He recently wrote on his Facebook page that he enjoys watching the Cullen Hateberry channel during the weekend, especially the episode in which they visited Suphan Buri province.

The province has been the Silpa-archa Family’s political stronghold for decades.

“This episode effectively presents Suphan Buri and its people, showcasing the kindness of the people and the beauty of the green paddy fields,” Varawut said.