11 July 2024

The cost of his five-day visit to Singapore was much less than the amount approved, claims Deputy House speaker Padipat Suntiphada.

Padipat led an 11-member team on an official visit to Singapore last week. The trip was harshly criticised for being unnecessary and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The approved budget for the trip was Bt1.43 million, including Bt200,000 hospitality expenses allocated to Padipat as deputy House speaker.“Of the 1.43 million, in reality, we used Bt917,009.51, or about Bt500,000 less than approved,” Padipat said in a press briefing in the Parliament building today (Wednesday).

He added that he used only Bt61,742 of the hospitality expenses and returned the balance of Bt138,257.

The hospitality expense was used for a reception party for Thai students and workers at the Thai Embassy in Singapore and hospitality for a Singaporean MP, Padipat said.

“I have learnt from the trip that we should prepare our legislation for electric vehicle development in the future. If not, we could face many difficulties,” he said.

Thais who are working at a world-class level in Singapore have many difficulties, which discourages them from returning to work in Thailand.