11 July 2024

A strong cold front from China is covering northern Thailand and this is causing temperatures to plunge by 6-9 degrees celsius, especially in the northern and northeastern regions, according to the Thai Meteorological Department.

From today (Thursday) until January 3rd, northern and northeastern provinces of Thailand will experience strong winds and cold weather. The lowest temperatures on the plains are forecast to be between 8-16 degrees celsius while, on the mountain tops, temperatures will drop to 2-10 degrees celsius with frost in some areas.

The lowest temperatures in the central and eastern regions are forecast at between 15-22 degrees celsius.

People living in the southern and eastern coastal areas are advised to brace for storm surges, due to strong winds and high waves as a result of the strengthening of the northeastern monsoon, which is covering the Gulf of Thailand and the southern region.

2-4 metre waves are anticipated in the Gulf, with waves exceeding four metres in areas where there are storms and sailors, as well as fishermen, are advised to stay ashore until January 3rd.