11 July 2024

Employees who suffer serious head injury in the course of their work, requiring surgery or not, will soon be entitled to medical coverage of 65,000 baht, up from 50,000 baht, from their employers under a ministerial regulation approved by the cabinet on Tuesday.

Deputy government spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said that, under the new ministerial regulation, employees who suffer a serious head injury, which does not require cranial surgery, will be entitled to increased medical coverage, in line with the changing economic and social circumstances.

The new ministerial regulation also covers:

  • Serious head injury that renders a victim unable to work as normal for more than 20 days.
  • Serious injury that may not require surgery or cannot be treated by surgery, such as fractured skull that leads to a brain haemorrhage.
  • Fall from height which results in cerebral haemorrhage that does not require surgery, but requires admission to ICU for three nights
  • Stomach bleed which does not need surgery
  • Broken rib(s) with internal bleeding and breathing difficulties, which does not require surgery.

Rachada said that the increased medical coverage will cost the state’s Compensation Fund an additional 2.27 billion baht for the 2023-24 fiscal years.