11 July 2024

A Thai rescue crew helped to pull a British tourist, who had fallen from the top of a steep waterfall on Samui Island, to safety yesterday (Saturday).

The victim was among a group of eight foreign tourists who had trekked to the top of the Na Muang Waterfall, a steep cliff which was made slippery by recent rainfall.

Luckily, the man did not fall to the bottom of the cliff, only to a spot not far from the top. He did, however, sustain some injuries and was unable to move, promoting his team mates to call for help.

About 30 rescuers and local officials were sent to help, but the terrain was rugged. One of the rescue team said that the only way to get the injured man to safety was to tie him to a rope and slowly lower him down to the base of the cliff.

The effort took about four hours and the injured tourist was then taken to a hospital on the island.

Local officials said that there is a sign, warning tourists not to trek to the top of the waterfall, but the group claimed that they had not seen it.