11 July 2024

It was a nightmare for both motorists and public transport commuters in Bangkok on Tuesday morning after the city, infamous for its normal congestion, had been battered by heavy showers, with persistent light rain between the heavier downpours since 2am.

Many low-lying roads are flooded, but on both flooded and dry roads cars and buses were jammed bumper to bumper for several kilometers on all routes used for the inbound commute.

The suffering of workers who have to report to work, and for parents who have to take their children to school this morning, was clearly evident on Twitter, where hashtags related to the rain and traffic became the second most popular.

One Tweet reads “Because of the rain today, students should decide themselves whether they can safely travel to schools. If not, they should stay at home and learn online.

Another read “Danger of catching diseases if you wade through flood water and you may become sick (and you may fall into open sewers).  Wait until rain stops and come later.

One Twitter user posted a picture of a submarine on a flooded road with the satirical caption “The submarine has arrived!”

There are several other pictures showing how people are dealing with getting stuck in the gridlock. One shows a bus driver taking a nap behind the wheel.