11 July 2024

The Jana Community Hospital, in Thailand’s southern province of Songkhla, discharged six COVID-19 patients today. All are fit and well and ready to return to their families.


The hospital director, Dr. Supat Hasuwankit, said in his Facebook post today that this was a happy moment for the patients and their families, after having been in hospital since March 17th.

He said that the group had been to Malaysia, to attend a religious ceremony earlier this month, which is when it is thought they contracted the disease.


Although they have been allowed to return home, Dr. Supat has advised all six to observe strict social distancing for at least a week, including sleeping in a separate room, wearing face masks all the time while outside their rooms and eating separately.

“COVID-19 can be treated within 14 days. The most important thing is friendliness and no stigmatization of the patients, and the maintenance of social distancing,” said Dr. Supat, adding that the hospital now has no COVID-19 in-patients.


In the neighbouring province of Pattani, the Prince of Songkhla University has made available a hostel on the campus to accommodate 57 Thai students returning from Pakistan, who have residences in Pattani.

The students have been quarantined at the hostel since yesterday and will remain there until April 12th. During their stay, free food will be delivered to them, so they won’t need to leave the hostel.