11 July 2024

Violence continued in the southernmost provinces on Friday, after a bomb killed a ranger and seriously injured three others.

The attack took place in Ban Ngokapo village in the Bannang Sata district of Yala province, about 500 meters from Ban Taopoon School, which is set to be a polling station for this Sunday’s general election.

Eight rangers were patrolling in the area when the device exploded, killing ranger Chief Sgt Sommai Naksuebwong and seriously injuring three others.

Forensic officers visited the site of the attack and believed that insurgents hid an IED in gas tanks in bushes. When they saw the rangers, they triggered the device using a walkie-talkie.

Earlier 20 cell phone towers in southern restive provinces of Narathiwat and Pattani were set alight by suspected southern insurgents last Thursday night.

Police said that the perpetrators placed used car tires and motorcycles at the bases of the towers and set them alight. All the incidents occurred between 8pm and 10pm.

Pol Maj Gen Anurut Im-arb, commander of Narathiwat provincial police, said today that cell towers in eight districts in the province were torched last night, but he delayed sending officers to the scenes to investigate for fear that the incidents were intended to draw the authorities into an ambush.

The cell towers belong to AIS, DTAC and True mobile service providers.