11 July 2024

CP All Public Company, the sole operator of 7-Eleven convenience store chain, on Wednesday announced its declaration of intention to reduce and, eventually, to end the use of single-use plastic bags at all the stores throughout the country.

“We chose date 7 and the 11th month to announce our determination to reduce and end the use of plastic bags at 7-Eleven stores and invite all Thais to join our effort by reducing at least one plastic bag each which can help ease global warming problem,” said Mr Thanin Buranamanit, managing director and chief executive officer of CP All.

He said that CP All had launched the “7 Go Green” project since 2010 with an intention to promote sustainable environment for communities,  the society and the country through various projects under the concept of “joint creativity and sharing opportunities”.

He said, from now on, every custom who declines to accept plastic bags would be given a 10-point score if he/she made payment through 7 Value Card.

Thanin disclosed that the company had expanded its campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags to universities, hospitals and several tourist destination in cooperation with Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, national parks and environment organizations among others.

All 7-Eleven stores on islands popular for tourists such as Samui, Lanta, Phi-Phi, Yao Yai, Tao and Samet have stopped using small plastic bags except for hot food, , plastic cap seals and plastic wrappings of plastic straws.