11 July 2024

34.66% of respondents to NIDA Poll suggest that the government should scrap the digital wallet scheme, to distribute 10,000 baht to most Thai nationals 16 or older, and 68.85% say that they would not hold it against the government if it is.

The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) sampled the opinions of 1,310 people over 18 in various professions between January 22nd and 24th.

33.66% say the scheme should continue unconditionally,18.55% say the scheme should continue, but the money should only be given to those who are “economically fragile”. 5.88% say the scheme should be postponed until next year and 4.58% say the scheme should be postponed until next year and money only distributed to the “economically fragile”. 2.67% say they have no idea about or not are interested in the scheme.

Asked how they would feel if the scheme were to be scrapped, 68.85% say that they would not be upset, 12.37% say they would be annoyed and 9.39% say they would be very angry.

Asked about the supposed economic crisis in Thailand, 63.51% say they are in economic difficulties and in need of urgent help from the government. 20.15% say they are having difficulties, but are not in urgent need of help, 10.08% say they are not worried about the crisis and 5.65% say they don’t feel that they are having economic difficulties.