11 July 2024

Pheu Thai party leader Cholnan Srikaew announced today (Monday) a coalition of 11 parties, to form a new government for Thailand, commanding a total of 314 seats in the House of Representatives.

Pheu Thai is taking eight ministerial and nine deputy ministerial portfolios, including Prime Minister.

In a joint statement by the 11 parties, the coalition has agreed to nominate former real estate tycoon Srettha Thavisin as their sole candidate for prime minister when parliament meets tomorrow.

They also agreed not to touch the lèse majesté law and that the coalition will not include the Move Forward party.

The remaining cabinet seats will be shared between Bhumjaithai (4 ministers and deputies), Palang Pracharath (2 ministers and 2 deputies), United Thai Nation (2 ministers and 2 deputies). Chartthaipattana and Prachachat will each get one ministerial portfolio.

The remaining smaller parties, which have one or two seats each in the House, do not get any cabinet seats. It is not yet known, which parties will get what ministries. The Thai cabinet consists of 35 ministers and deputy ministers and one prime minister.

According to the statement, all 11 parties have agreed to implement Pheu Thai’s election manifesto policies, such as a 600 baht minimum wage within 2027, 25,000 baht minimum salary for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, ending conscription, the 10,000 baht digital wallet subsidy for all Thai nationals over 16, increased farm gate product prices, constitutional amendments and medical cannabis.

Regarding constitutional amendments, the 11 parties agreed not to touch the chapter concerning the monarchy.

The parties also agreed to adjust and merge their policies for the utmost benefit of the people and to address economic problems as top priority.

In the joint statement, the coalition parties said that they cannot afford to allow internal political conflicts delay the formation of the new government, citing the case of the Pheu Thai party which, of late, has come under fierce criticism for changing its political allegiances.

Cholnan said that he is confident that Srettha will receive enough votes from the House and Senate to be selected as prime minister.

To be selected, Srettha will need a majority vote from the 500 MPs and 250 senators.