11 July 2024

Dr Krittai Tanasombatkul, a doctor at the Clinical Epidemiology and Clinical Statics Department at the Faculty of Medicine of Chiang Mai University, who publicly announced that he had terminal lung cancer on his “Soo Deewa” (Let’s Fight) web page on November 10 last year, died today at 10.59am.

The death of the 29-year-old was announced by his father Thaipatara in his Facebook post, featuring an image of Krittai with a short message which reads “Have a safe journey, my son”. In response to the tragic news, many people have expressed condolences to Krittai’s family.

On November 2, Dr Krittai posted a message on his web page saying that he may not survive much longer and expected to pass on next month, adding that anyone who wanted to say something to him should do so.

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He also said that he could only manage to type this much and offered thanks for everything that everyone had done for him in the past 30 years. He also offered an apology if he had upset anyone.

The doctor came to public attention when he revealed, on his webpage, that he was suffering from stage four lung cancer, despite exercising regularly, to raise public awareness of the disease.

An alumni of Suan Kularb College, the students there performed a card stunt, featuring an image of Dr Krittai and the name of his web page, during a football match between Suan Kularb College and Bangkok Christian College on November 18.

On March 2 this year, the doctor posted a long message about PM2.5 pollution in Chiang Mai, questioning whether the people in this country will end up having to buy fresh air to breathe.

He said he does not blame the dust problem in Chiang Mai as the only cause of his lung cancer, but it is undeniable that it has had an effect on his health.