11 July 2024

A Thai woman, who claims that she was forced into prostitution in Dubai but managed to escape, is appealing for help from state agencies for three other Thai women forced to work in a massage parlour there against their will.

The 40-year-old native of the north-eastern province of Si Sa Ket lodged a complaint with the Thai media yesterday (Thursday), together with an image of a room in which she claimed to have lived after she was deceived by a Thai broker promising work as a gardener in Dubai on a salary of 80,000-100,000 baht per month.

She claimed that, instead of working as a gardener, she ended up working as a waitress in a restaurant and was subsequently “sold” by her employer to work in a massage parlour and forced into prostitution by the new employer, adding that she would be beaten and detained if she refused.

She said she managed to escape from the massage parlour to seek help from the local police and the Thai Consular Office in Dubai, who arranged for her return to Thailand about two months ago.

She said that she then moved from Si Sa Ket to stay with a relative in Buri Ram province for safety reasons, after she learned that the Thai employment broker had offered a reward of 10,000 baht on his Facebook page for anyone who could provide information about her whereabouts.

The woman also said that there are three other Thai women, two from Buri Ram and another from Ubon Ratchathani, still being forced to work in the massage parlour.