Weather depression warning for parts of Thailand from September 18th-20th

Most parts of Thailand will experience more rain, as well as isolated heavy to very heavy downpours in the northern, northeastern, central, eastern and southern regions of the country from Friday through Sunday, as a result of a depression over the South China Sea.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, the low pressure cell over the Philippines developed into a depression at 4pm on Tuesday over the South China Sea, with wind speeds of 55kph at its centre.

The storm is moving west at a speed of 20kph, toward central Vietnam and on to the upper northeastern and northern regions of Thailand between September 18th and 20th, which will coincide with the strengthening of the southwestern monsoon looming over the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

This weather, said the Met Office, will bring more rain and isolated heavy to very heavy showers to the northern, northeastern, central, eastern and southern regions of Thailand.
People living near natural waterways are warned of the possibility of flash floods.

Fisherman and sailors are advised to exercise extreme caution when venturing out to sea, because of high waves and strong winds, or to remain in port for their safety.


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