11 July 2024

Residents in Chiang Mai province, especially those living close to the Ping River, have been advised to monitor the water situation closely, but not to panic, as the water level in the river has risen above the critical level.

The director of Irrigation Office 1, Sudchai Prommolmard, said that, even though the water level reached 4.35 metres this morning (Monday) at the Nawarat Bridge, exceeding the 3.70 metre critical level, the reinforced flood wall has, so far,prevented the swollen river from overflowing.

He assured that the level will not reach the 4.94 metres, measured in 2011.

Red flags were raised along the Ping River last night, to warn people that the level of the water is above the critical level.

Last night, Governor Nirat Pongsitthavorn, accompanied by the mayor of Muang district and other senior officials, inspected work being done by troops filling sand bags, for distribution to residents to protect their houses from flooding.

The governor was briefed on the water situation at a Smart Centre of Irrigation Office 1, and was told that all the mid-sized reservoirs in the province have reached their capacities,following heavy rain induced by Noru, the tropical storm which hit Thailand last week.

The National Water Command Centre advised river-side residents along the Yom River, from Sawankhalok, Si Samrong and Kong Krailat districts of Sukhothai to Phrom Phiram and Bang Rakam districts in Phitsanuloke and Pho Thale district of Phichit, to brace for overflows.

Irrigation officials in the affected provinces were also told to discharge excess water into water retention areas, to ease any impacts of flooding on residential areas.