11 July 2024

Wang Nua district of Thailand’s Northern province of Lampang, which suffered over 30 aftershocks following a 4.9 magnitude quake related to the Phayao fault line on February 20th, has been officially declared a disaster zone by the provincial governor, Mr. Songphol Sawattham.
The disaster zone covers seven sub-districts and 20 villages. About 80 houses, six temples and eight government offices were partially damaged by the tremor.
After the disaster zone was formally declared, some residents of Wang Nua district headed for Thung Hua sub-district (Tambon) administration organization (TAO) which has been set up as a temporary relief operations centre, to file damage reports and to seek help.
The Mineral Resources Department has advised that Lampang may experience aftershocks for another 4 weeks, but they won’t pose any serious threat.