13 July 2024

People aged 75 and over can get vaccinated at Bang Sue Grand Station in Bangkok, from today until July 18th, without registration, in a bid to increase the number the elderly being inoculated, which remains low, according to the Department of Medical Sciences.

The move is aimed at vaccinating elderly people who may not have access to smartphones or computers to register for their vaccination.

To date, vaccinations at the Bang Sue Grand Station are only available to people with appointments.

Eligible people are those born before December 31st, 1946. They and their caretakers can come to Gate 1 of the vaccination site every day, between 09.30 and 18.00.

People aged 60-74 are encouraged to register for their vaccination online, via the Mor Prom app. On Monday, it was announced that vaccination appointments, made via the app by people aged 60 and over, and those with any of the seven specified underlying diseases, have been brought forward, from August to July.

The elderly population and those with chronic respiratory disease, heart or blood vessel disease, chronic kidney disease, cerebrovascular disease or stroke, cancer, obesity or diabetes are deemed to be at greater risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms and death.