11 July 2024

You might think that the schools of fish swimming through the air in this room are normal floating-fish balloons at first glance. Actually, every fish is a work of art, created with the advanced Immersive Art technology. 

This is a land where reality meets imagination, transporting a shoal of underwater fish into the air, like a flock of birds.

This art exhibition is a combination of technology and art, creating interesting experiences with Interactive Installations, using technologies such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed realities.

This raises the level of immersive art in Thailand to the next level.

Highlights of the exhibition feature plenty of technology and special techniques from bit.studio, which create an audience experience beyond imagination through Immersive Art technology. 

To float on air, these fish contain hardware and software, which is connected to the central server, which controls the movements of the fish along specific paths.

The people visiting the event influence the floating of the fish through body temperature, which causes the fish to float. If there are too many people visiting the event, the fish will struggle to float. 

The sensors attached to fish will detect the heat from the human body and, if there are a lot of people in the room, the density will be too high, causing the sensors to not work at full performance.

Besides detecting body temperature, sensors are also installed to locate the fish in the room and the person who controls the server will monitor the fish’s movement.

Each fish is programmed to mimic the actual behaviour of real fish, how they actually swim in shoals and how they interact with each other. 

For bit.studio, this technology isn’t just useful for making floating fish artwork. This technology can be further developed for use in both entertainment and engineering. 

This school of fish is displayed in a large open room with light projected into every corner. Visitors can freely participate and interact with the artworks.

If you are interested in visiting the “FLOCK OF… Discover the supernatural nature of floating fish” exhibition, the show runs until 15th September, at True Digital Park.

By Kitipat Chuensukjit