11 July 2024

The chairman of the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand, Air Marshal Dr. Anutra Chittinandana, is asking Thai people to enter a voluntary full lockdown, to protect themselves against COVID-19, in the light of the disturbing number of COVID patients in general hospitals.

In his Facebook post made on Sunday, Dr. Anutra noted that yesterday was the first day, since May 18th, on which the number of patients in general hospitals (30,145) exceeded the number in field hospitals (29,793).

He said that the number of patients being admitted has been increasing steadily since June 19th, to almost 60,000 cases now, which is about 10,000 more than the peak in June.

This increases the heavy workload on all hospitals and the number of patients waiting to be admitted to general or field hospitals, he said, adding that more patients may have to look after themselves at home.

Pointing out that the Delta COVID-19 variant is becoming dominant globally, he said everyone in Thailand could help to contain the contagion with a full voluntary lockdown.

“If it is not necessary, do not go out anywhere. Do not trust anyone and always bear in mind that anyone can be infected.  Everywhere we go may have the COVID-19 virus on contact points,” said Dr. Anutra, as he asked everyone to wear face masks properly and regularly wash their hands.

“Do not lower your guard and, if you get the chance, get vaccinated,” he added.