11 July 2024

Star-gazers please take note – Venus will be at its greatest brilliancy this year on the night of September 25 and during the early hours of September 30, said Mr Sarun Poshayachiinda, director of the National Astronomical Research Institute on Saturday.

He said that Venus, which is the third brightest celestial body in the sky after the sun and the moon, will be at its brightest of the year and can be seen on the western sky after sunset from 6 pm until 8 pm on September 25 and, again, from 4 am to 6 am in the morning of September 30.

Venus’s brilliancy is measured at -4.6 compared to full moon’s magnitude of -12.6.  Watching through a telescope, he said Venus will look a crescent moon.

Because Venus is closer to the sun than the Earth, humans on Earth will not be able to see Venus in full at its brightest time, but in its crescent shape.