11 July 2024

Up to 36 million cubic metres of water will be released downstream each day from the Vajiralongkorn dam in Kanchanaburi province from tomorrow until Sunday.

Vajiralongkorn dam director Mr Waiwit Saengpanch said today he was well aware of the impacts from the increased outflow of water from the dam to people living downstream, but he stressed the need to discharge more water out of the dam – from 34 million cubic metres/day to 36 million cubic metres/day from tomorrow until Sunday – because of the large amount of water inflow to the dam, estimated at about 100 million cubic metres a day due to heavy rains in the upstream of the dam.

As of 7 am this morning, the amount of water stored in the dam was estimated at 7,312 million cubic metres or 83 percent full against its full capacity of 8,860 million cubic metres, said Mr Waiwit, adding that the dam still has the capacity to store another 1,548 million cubic metres of water.

He said less water would be released downstream from the dam if the amount of water inflow drops.