12 July 2024

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha has made vaccine distribution the most urgent national priority, following a meeting with an advisory board earlier today to find a “practical process” for the distribution.

Prayut said, in his Facebook post, that the government will procure more vaccines, with the goal of making 10-15 million doses available per month.

The government is coordinating with the private sector, to ensure more inoculation facilities are made available, to ease the workload on hospitals and public health officials in the national vaccination effort. He mentioned places such as conference halls, sport stadia, hotels and private hospitals.

He said the government will make the integrated structure clear to all agencies and private organizations, to ensure that vaccine distribution is both thorough and proactive.

The prime minister also said that these processes will enable the country to achieve the goal of at least 300,000 doses being administered per day, so 50 million people will be inoculated this year.