11 July 2024

The Sa Kaew provincial livestock office has declared two villages in Tambon Nong Wa, of Khao Chakan district, temporary epidemic zones after breeding pigs in several farms died of a viral disease, identified as Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

So far, 600 breeding pigs in Ban Kok Khaonieu and Ban Nong Klam have been slaughtered as precautionary step, to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Livestock officials have buried the carcasses and have disinfected all pig farms in the two villages. Pig breeders in the district have been advised to monitor their animals closely and to alert them immediately should any of their livestock fall sick or develop strange behavior and not to kill or move them elsewhere.

All vehicles arriving in or leaving the villages are being sprayed with disinfectant.

PRRS is characterized by reproductive impairment and respiratory disease in pigs of any age.