11 July 2024

Two Thai women have been hospitalized for observation after traces of COVID-19 were found in their system, despite the fact that they were cleared of infection during their 14-days in state quarantine, prior to going home.

Disease Control Department chief Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai assured, however, that these cases are not regarded as the start of a second wave infections, because both used to be in state quarantine.

One returned to Thailand from the UAE on June 2nd and entered state quarantine. The first test, on June 5th, produced an ambiguous result with minimal virus DNA being detected. The second test cleared her of any infection.

On August 17th, however, she was tested again as she was about to go abroad and minimal traces of COVID-19 DNA were found. She was hospitalized for observation.

The other case was cleared in two tests, conducted while in state quarantine, and was subsequently sent home to Loei province. On August 18th, she went for another test, which indicated traces of COVID virus DNA, and was admitted to Ramathibodi hospital.

Dr. Suwanchai clarified that the traces of virus found in fresh tests on the two women are dead and not transmissible. Nevertheless, they are being placed under observation in hospital while health officials try to trace those who have been in close contact with them, he said.

Dr. Suwanchai said that there have been such cases, wherein patients test positive after two months in hospital.

According to epidemiological information, he said there is only a slim chance of locally acquired infection because there has not been such a case for more than 80 days and screenings have been conducted in many places across the country.