11 July 2024

Two teenaged students were killed and another seriously injured in a brawl between two rival groups in front of a housing estate in Bangkok’s Bang Na district Saturday night. Seven teenagers, including the injured, are being questioned by police.

The two deceased, identified as “Kittisak”, 16 and “Noppanai”, 15, were students at Rung Rueang Uppatham School.  

Kittisak died after being struck on the head with a 3kg rock, while Noppanai was stabbed to death.  The rock and a knife, with a six-inch blade, were found at the scene. A third student, 16-year-old “Phayu”, was also stabbed and was rushed to Bang Phil Hospital for emergency treatment. His condition is described as stable.

Prior to the fight, Bang Na police said that Kittisak was riding a motorbike, with his girlfriend and Noppanai as pillion passengers, when they came across seven rival students, one identified as “Panupong”, 14.

The two groups allegedly traded verbal abuse before the fatal physical altercation began.

Bang Na police say all those taken in for questioning have been charged with assault resulting to the deaths of two people.

Police were told that, before the fatal brawl last night, Kittisak and Noppanai damaged a motorcycle belonging to one of their rivals, for which their parents have agreed a compensation payment of 2,000 baht for the damage.