11 July 2024

Thailand today recorded two new COVID-19 cases, both Thai returnees from abroad in state quarantine.


One is a 38-year old businessman, who arrived in Thailand from the United States on September 10th and entered state quarantine in Bangkok.  He tested positive for coronavirus on September 23rd.

The second is a 54-year English teacher, living in the US. She returned to Thailand on September 17th and also entered state quarantine in Bangkok.  She tested positive for the virus four days later.


Cumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 3,516.  Eight patients have recovered, raising the number of recoveries to 3,353, while 104 others are still being treated in hospital. The death toll remains 59.

Total number of infections in state quarantine are 578, while locally-transmitted cases number 2,445.


Worldwide infections, to date, are 32,092,294, including 62,377 severe cases. The global death toll is 981,958 and 23,676,049 people have recovered.

The US has the world’s most infections with 7,139,553, followed by India’s 5,730,184 and Brazil’s 4,627,780.