14 July 2024

Police arrested two young protesters facing the charge of attempted murder of a police officer in a clash with police last month, and seized bomb-making materials, flares and cherry bombs today (Friday) at a house in an estate in Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi province.

National Police Chief Pol Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk, told the media this morning that police had been tracking the two men aged 19 and 20 since they were seen allegedly throwing explosive devices at crowd control police, during a protest by the hard core anti-government “Talugas” group, at Din Daeng intersection on September 11th.

One police officer, a Police Lance-Corporal, sustained serious injuries.

Pol Gen Suwat claimed that the two suspects admitted that they had made improvised bombs for their own use and for distribution to other protesters, adding that the information they provided was useful and police will expand their investigation of their connections, especially their financial backers.

The police chief also said the two individuals work as delivery boys at a convenience store, but they joined the “Talugas” protesters because they had followed the group’s activities on social media and were motivated by their anti-government stance.

Expressing his concern for teenagers who have joined the violent protests, to gain recognition from their peers or because are easily motivated due to their age, he advisedparents to persuade their children not to get involved.

Apart from attempted murder, the two men are also being heldfor charges of illegal public assembly and resisting police.