11 July 2024

Two people were killed and seven others wounded in a gun fight between two gangs of youths in the parking lot of a department store in Muang district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani late last night.

Initial reports from a rescue foundation said that the rival gangs met at the parking lot of Big C department store to settle a dispute, but they could not agree and both sides drew guns and shot at each other, a firefight which lasted about 7 minutes according to people close by.

All nine of the injured and were rushed to hospitals in the district, but two of them were pronounced dead on arrival.

As many as 10 cars in the parking lot sustained damage from gun shots. Over 50 spent shell casings were found at the scene of the shooting.

Police said last night that they are trying to figure out the motive for the shooting.

Thailand’s gun violence is the second highest in Southeast Asia, after the Philippines. With a rampant black market in guns and easy access, they are used in street crimes and domestic violence.