11 July 2024

Two men have been arrested in Phuket for allegedly using sling shots to fire ball bearings at the windshields of busesparked at various spots on the resort island. 

Phuket police launched an investigation after they received complaints from the owners of several buses, the windshields of which had been damaged. About 10 buses are reported to have been damaged since October 26, including four which were parked opposite Chalong temple in Mueang district on November 11.

The investigation led to the arrests on Wednesday of two suspects, as they were riding around on a motorcycle looking for their targets. Police found two sling shots and 72 ball bearings in their possession.

The suspects reportedly told police that they were hired to damage buses from other provinces for 1,000 baht per bus by an unidentified person, claiming that these buses are threatening their business by offering lower prices.

Police are looking for their paymaster.