11 July 2024

Hundreds of train and bus passengers were stranded in Thailand’s Chumphon province on Friday night, after road and train communications were disrupted by flooding,following heavy rain and resulting runoffs which flooded the railway and the Asian highway, the main artery from Bangkok to the southern provinces.

About 65km of the highway, from Pathomporn to Lang Suan district of Chumphon, have been under water since Friday night, rendering the road impassable to all vehicles heading south. Mudslides were also reported on some stretches.

All buses, trucks and private cars were told by local officials to wait at rest areas or gas stations in Muang district until the floodwater has subsided.

All Bangkok-bound vehicles were also advised to wait in Lang Suan district, while vehicles stuck on the Asian highway, either side of the flooded stretch of the road, were told to turn back and to wait at rest areas or petrol stations.

Chumphon Deputy Governor Somporn Patchimpetch and other officials ventured out onto the flooded road last night, to help direct traffic and to arrange rest areas for the stranded passengers and motorists.

The State Railway of Thailand, meanwhile, ordered the temporary suspension of eight services after the tracks between Sawee and Khao Suan Durian stations were flooded.

Train officials were also told to provide food and drinking water to stranded passengers on trains and at train stations while they wait for the waters to recede.