11 July 2024

All people living in Bangkok’s neighboring province of Nonthaburi, who want to leave the province, are now required to register via QR code, upon departure and arrival, from today (May 1st) until further notice, as the provincial administration tightens restrictions to stem the continuing surge of COVID-19 infections in the province.  

Everyone is asked to stay home between 9pm and 4am, unless it is absolutely necessary. Hospitals are also advised to prohibit visits to patients by their relatives or friends.

Migrant workers are banned from leaving the province, unless they have permission from the authorities.

124 new COVID-19 cases, including several students and office workers, were recorded on Saturday, taking total infections in the province to 2,230, including 14 fatalities. Most of the new infections today are linked to night spots and those who have been in close contact with the venues or their employees.  73%of them have developed symptoms.

Governor Suchin Chaichumsak issued an order on Friday closing 24 types of venue, including bull and cock fighting rings, entertainment venues, amulet trading centres, cinemas, public swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, museums, nurseries, day-care centres for the elderly, public parks, stadia and all competition grounds.

All activities which risk the spread of the disease are prohibited. These include a gatherings of more than 10 people and the closure of all schools and classes.

Night markets and walking streets are to close at 9pm, while convenience stores and supermarkets can open from 4 am to 11 pm. Malls are to close at 9pm and must limit the number of visitors.

In the eastern coastal province of Chon Buri, classified as a Deep Red zone, 106 new infections were recorded today, raising total infections there, since April 1st, to 2,522, with 6 deaths.

1,637 people are being treated in hospitals, while 879 have recovered.