11 July 2024

The state-run Transport Company will increase its bus and passenger van services by 3,000 to 9,000 trips per day from April 10-13 to accommodate the sharp rise in the number of passengers expected to travel out of Bangkok ahead of the Songkran holiday.

The Transport Company’s managing director, Mr. Jirasak Yaowatsakul, said the increase in services will accommodate about 206,000 passengers a day, adding that for journeys back to Bangkok the company will arrange about 8,100 trips a day from April 14-17.

For the convenience of passengers, the company has suggested that they make advance bookings through the company’s website www.transport.co.th, at counter services or via the Call Centre 1490.

Earlier, the government warned that maximum penalties would be meted out to drunk and reckless drivers, as well as motorcyclists without crash helmets if they are involved in road accidents during Songkran festival.

Hundreds of people are killed, with thousands more injured during the annual Songkran holidays and most of the accidents involve motorcyclists and drunk drivers.

Motorists and motorcyclists caught drinking and driving will also have their vehicles impounded.