11 July 2024

Three associations of paraquat, chlorpyrifos and glyphosate traders are planning to ask the government to postpone the December 1st enforcement of the ban on the three hazardous farm chemicals by six months, to allow them to clear their stocks and to give farmers time to find alternatives.

Mr. Veeravuth Katanyakul, president of one of the associations, complained today that the December 1st deadline was too soon, allowing the traders very little time to clear their stocks, which are estimated at about 30,000 tonnes.

He said he would accept the ban only if there is solid scientific evidence to prove that the three substances are life-threatening or carcinogenic.

As for alternatives, Veeravuth said they are more expensive and less effective than paraquat, but more toxic than glyphosate or paraquat.

Without paraquat or glyphosate, he said that Thailand’s cash crops, such as sugarcane, maize, cassava, oil palm and para-rubber, will be devastated by weeds.