11 July 2024

Rescue workers resumed their search of a stretch of rapids in Mae Taeng district of Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Mai today (Saturday), looking for a Belgian tourist who went missing after he fell from a raft yesterday afternoon.

It is reported that three Belgian tourists took a white-water trip yesterday, but their raft hit a boulder, sending one of them into the raging waters.

The rescuers said that the tourist, who had been wearing a life vest at the time, was seen floating. A rescuer, posted on the bank to help rafters who may experience problems, threw him a rope, but he could not catch it and soon disappeared. His life vest was ultimately found about two kilometres downstream.

The search continued until dusk, with no sign of the missing man, and was called off for the night. It resumed this morning.

At the time of this report, the search was ongoing.