11 July 2024

2020 has been a year full of ups and downs, particularly with COVID-19, but it also sparked a lot of new trends and much more entertaining stuff. Let’s take a look back at some of the “buzzes” that people have been talking about throughout the year.



The not-so-new social media platform which took Thailand (and elsewhere) by storm, where users can create 60-second videos to show off their dance skills, lip sync to their favourite tunes or even mimic comedy scenes, along with hundreds of funny filters to choose from.

Thanks to the lockdown period, numerous challenges have popped up, particularly dance challenges, something fun to do while people were spending most of their time locked up at home.

Apart from its entertaining side, the popular short-video platform is no longer limited to dance and funny videos, but it has become a new space for influencers to create more useful content, such as teaching English, makeup routines, cooking ideas, DIY and so on.

VERDICT: TikTok has become the “it” platform of the year, and it will definitely continue into 2021.



🎶Jane ka, Jane ka, noo chue Jane, ma kub Noon lae koh ma kub Bow🎶

Believe it or not, this luk-tung song became an earworm during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite being released almost 10 years ago.

With its addictive melody and lyrics, many video parodies of the song, mostly created by celebrities, have flooded TikTok feeds for months, leading to even more parodies of the song on other social media platforms.

Originally performed by Thai female trio, Super Valentine, better known as Jane-Noon-Bow, the song became popular enough to be revamped into aSuper Spreader” version, an entertaining way to warn the public of the dangers of the coronavirus.

VERDICT: As addictive as it is, pause it right there because we need a new earworm!


Marketplace on Facebook

Many businesses across Thailand, especially small and medium enterprises, have undeniably been hard-hit by the pandemic. In this digital age, the only way they can survive is to sell online, one way is through Facebook Groups.

The first to exploit the idea was the Thammasat University Marketplace (ธรรมศาสตร์และการฝากร้าน) Facebook group, which gives business owners, who are alumni of the university, a platform on which to market their items and connect with other alumni. Popular items vary from delicious food, snacks and clothes to kitchenware and even apartments.

The establishment of the group led to more online marketplaces with the same concept, such as Chula Marketplace, Kasetsart University Marketplace, Silpakorn Online Market, and many other schools have done the same.

VERDICT: It’s going to continue through 2021 as these communities continue to grow.


K-dramas are still on

Thanks to Netflix, and many other streaming sites, there have been plenty of Korean TV series this year, such as Itaewon Class, Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, The World of the Married, Kingdom, and Start-Up which became the buzz for many Thais.

The discussion amongst Thai netizens is no longer confined to the plot of the show, which many have strayed away from typical love stories. The main character’s fashion sense has also been the big buzz.

Notably, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’s main character, Go Moon Young (played by Seo Ye Ji), became a new fashion icon, where several fashion websites analysed her makeup, hair and luxury clothing in each episode. Even beauty influencers have recreated looks to pay homage to the fierce character.

VERDICT: Keep them coming!


T-POP in your area

The Thai pop music scene has been overshadowed by K-pop for many years. Now we’re seeing more music labels pushing their artists to another level, with ambitious goals to channel the success of K-pop, which has become a global phenomenon.

Ally Nitibhon, who debuted with “How to Love” earlier this year, became one of the hottest new artists of 2020, who created much hype and excitement among fans, even before her official debut. Her first single not only follows a similar pattern to many K-pop tunes, her label 411 Music is molding their artists, including Ally, using the same methods used to debut K-pop idols.

Another group that aims to set new standards is LYRA, a sub-group of the Japanese-style idol group BNK48, who joined forces with Universal Music Group, hoping to push T-pop onto the global stage. Their first electro-pop single, mixed with traditional Thai instruments, showcases the members’ talents, often hidden under their cutesy-image when they were performing under BNK48.

VERDICT: Still a long way to go to reach K-pop’s global success, but T-pop is definitely getting more attention.


Air Fryers

As convincing as it may sound, this no-oil cooking device became a huge buzz in 2020, as it is widely (and mistakenly) believed that cooking with air fryers is better for your health.

Many Facebook ads are also convincing enough people to believe how quick and easy it is to cook deep-fried goodiessuch as French fries, fried chicken and the all-time Thai favourite fried pork belly, without using excessive amounts of cooking oil.

Did we mention how many more dishes you can create with only air fryers? We’re not intending to sell them here, but to prove that it has been hyped, many users online have shared their creative recipes using air fryers through videos and community groups. Probably, many of us got new cooking ideas to experiment with during the lockdown.

VERDICT: NOT for health-conscious people, but it will still be a cooking trend for a while.


Planting trees at home

As sustainable living became a subject of global awareness, planting trees at home also became a new hobby for many Thais during the lockdown period. Thanks to Thai-Norwegian Actress, Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund who may have sparked the trend.

Planting trees at home also came as people become more concerned about air pollution, particularly the PM2.5 dust,which has scared many Thais over its potential harm to the respiratory system. Therefore, planting trees will help “purify” the air we breathe in.

The popularity of the green trend resulted in increased sales for many plant shops around Bangkok, especially at Chatuchak market, where vendors say their income has doubled since the reopening after the lockdown.

VERDICT: Don’t make it just a trend, make it a norm!

By Nad Bunnag, Thai PBS World