11 July 2024

It is evident that only mankind can tackle any crisis that is a likely threat.  It was only four years ago that a group of young Thai footballers were found lost in the caves of Doi Nang Non in northern Thailand and the subsequent successful and miraculous rescue was only possible through unconditional international co-operation of selfless heroes of our world.

Based on this glaring truth, no other living beings on this earth can ever solve all crises facing mankind. The time has now arrived that mankind must solve the present world crisis in Ukraine which has been facing us for almost one year.

This world crisis needs to be solved with immediate effect without which the world may reach its end which stems from high destructive power of arms or riots caused by imminent excessive inflation which low and middle-income families cannot cope, resulting in worldwide poverty causing imminent widespread thefts and lootings in all countries.  All of this is highly evident today.

The peace-loving Thai people with their “famous smile” propose the following measures in solving the Ukraine crisis:

1) For the next three months of cruel winter condition, the war in Ukraine must cease, replacing it with talks for peace between Ukraine and Russia.

2) Invite an eminent player, such as China, who is well-informed and well-acquainted with Ukraine and Russia to mediate within the next three months.  It is evident that most Western countries who have, in one way or another, been involved in the Ukraine crisis are now showing concerns and clearly desire peace talks.  Russia also, on the other hand, shows eagerness to renew their export of oil and natural gas.

3) If peace talks prove productive, Thai people will propose a merit-making action to be performed by United Nations member countries with the aim of returning peace to the world as well as restoring peace in Ukraine.  The member countries will also cooperate to bring Ukraine to a level where it can stand as an important trade link between Asia and Europe in the near future.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently mentioned that today is not an era of war and Indonesian President Joko Widodo also maintained his viewpoint at the G20 summit in Bali that the Ukraine crisis will stop the rest of the world from any further economic development.

Even though Thailand is a small and neutral country, it has already been tremendously affected by the Ukraine crisis.  Thailand, therefore, has a right to propose measures to stop the Ukraine crisis.  The proposal forwarded herewith from a small country may be compared to a famous Aesop story when a little mouse helps a king lion from a hunter’s snare.

The Institute of Nature under Sem PringpuangkeoFoundation proposes that since nature is ever changing, mankind must adapt, acquaint and learn to live with nature.  Mankind must make this world into a world of harmony, prosperity and sharing, making it a sustainable inheritance for future generations.

By The Institute of Nature (under Sem Pringpuangkeo Foundation), a non-governmental organization advocating people’s work with nature in order to prolong the life of the planet.