11 July 2024

This is Sarayuth Buabandit. He has a fulltime job as a salesperson. Recently, however, he took on a second job, as a personal grocery shopper for people in his neighbourhood, to earn extra income. 

COVID-19 has discouraged many people from going outside their home. Groceries are, however, necessities. There are a number of delivery applications available, but consumers do not always get all the items they want, and that’s where Sarayuth’s personal touch comes in.

Sarayuth receives shopping lists from clients in his neighborhood, who contact him through messaging apps. Then, he buys items, like fresh vegetables, meat and other fresh items, at the markets.

Many of his clients feel that hiring someone to do the grocery shopping for them reduces their risk of contracting COVID-19 themselves, while still getting the items they want. Some of them say this service is different from delivery apps, because the fees are much more reasonable.

Sarayuth said that this is not a difficult job. He even advised people with motorcycles, who are currently unemployed, to offer similar services in their communities, be it grocery shopping or delivering parcels and packages for others.

He also said, though, that the risk of contracting the virus while grocery shopping and delivering parcels is high. Therefore, he wears a face mask and a face shield, keeps his alcohol spray with him at all times and takes a shower as soon as he gets home.