11 July 2024

Future Forward party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit has admitted that Thai people must themselves fight for democracy and change and not rely on the support of foreigners “because no foreigners will come to our help.”

In his interview with the VOA Thai, which was released on Monday, Thanathorn said that Thai people must wake up and fight against dictatorship if they want a society where there is rule of law, equality for all and democracy.

“We cannot get this society from the international community. There is only one way to achieve this. We must build it by ourselves and this is the mission of the Thai people. No foreigners will help to effect changes and restore democracy in Thailand,” said the Future Forward party leader, while on a US tour to explain the political situation in Thailand and to solicit support for the party’s efforts to effect changes in Thailand.

Regarding his media share-holding case, Thanathorn said he didn’t have to make special preparations to defend his case, pointing out that he can still engage in political activities, even if he is finally stripped of his parliamentary status by the Constitutional Court.

Currently, he is suspended form performing duties as an MP, pending the court’s final ruling.

He noted that the case against him is not a criminal case and the worst case scenario, if he is found guilty, is that “I cannot go into parliament, but as far as political activism is concerned, I can still churn out new policies for the benefit of the people and can do overseas tours to talk about Thai politics.”

“Being an MP is not everything. Even if I am removed as an MP, Thanathorn is still the Future Forward party leader and a candidate for the prime minister’s post. Thanathorn will continue to work for changes to happen in Thailand,” he told VOA Thai.